Solo Professionals Must Handle Changing Hats at the Speed ​​of Light

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Solo professionals wear many hats within their daily work efforts. All of these hats share one thing in common – change. How quickly you respond to and handle changing these hats contribute to your ongoing success.

There is only one thing that anyone can be sure of and that is change. This is very evident within the businesses owned and operated by solo professionals. Whether they are real estate agents, providers of professional services to independent contractors, the self leadership skill set of proactively working with change is a valuable asset to these individuals.

Self leadership skills are not the only valuable asset in changing all those hats. Attitudes are a must as well. Not just any attitude, but more specifically positive attitudes that are resilient. So when a coveted appointment that took you 4 months to secure is canceled at the last moment, what do you do? How well can you recover from the emotional let down? When you have positive and strong attitudes, your recovery will be far sooner than when you lack these necessary attitudes or habits of thought.

Finally, changing those hats in an almost rapid sequence requires, no demands, written goals that have been aligned to your overall strategic plan. These goals need to be Way Smart goals to ensure consistent goal achievement. In case you do not know the definition of Way Smart goals, it is:

  • W ritten
  • A ligned
  • Y ours
  • S pecific
  • M easurable
  • A ttainable
  • R ealistically set high, a stretch
  • T arget date, time driven

Yes, being a solo professional is someone who wears many hats from administrative assistant, to financial record keeper, to billing, to sales and for some even delivery of the service such as a business coach.

If you want to keep all those hats from flying off your head, then look to your self leadership skills, attitudes and goals. Actually to remember it for myself, I use the acronym GAS – Goals, Attitudes and self leadership skills.

You may be surprised how much better you handle change and the actually increase to your bottom line as far as dollars.