Beekeeping Clothing and Tools

Most people are unaware that honey is the only food available that contains everything a person needs to live – including water. Since it joins and absorbs water, it is great to used on minor burns or as a treatment on dry hair. Many lip balms or creams use honey as an ingredient. In order to make a pound of honey, a bee has to visit more than two million flowers.

A beekeeper is a person who keeps bees in order to collect beeswax, honey, or to sell bees to other beekeepers. The oldest known evidence of honey collection goes back to 13,000 BCE. That is when rock paintings of honey collection were made.

Of course, there have been some advances in the art and science of beekeeping – especially in the are of clothing. Having the correct beekeeping clothing is of the utmost importance. New beekeepers usually wear a hooded suit and gloves or a veil and a hat. The face and the neck are two vital areas that need to be protected. Clothing is usually light colored and smooth which is the opposite appearance of bees natural predators. Predators are mostly dark colored and furry. There is even beekeeping clothing from for children being exposed to the beekeeping business.

There are additional accessories that beekeepers can use to help them. A smoker is a tool that is used to put smoke into a hive. It helps to keep bees from stinging the beekeeper. The smoke does not hurt the bees at all. Some say that the smoker is just as important if not more important than beekeeping clothes. A bee brush is useful for brushing bees off of clothes, hair, or other items without hurting the bees. A hive too is used for opening the bee hive frame or scraping.

Beekeeping is growing in popularity. It's partly because of renewed interest in learning how to produce food for yourself and the interest in eating organic foods. People can take beekeeping classes and learn about beekeeping clothes and methods of beekeeping that can help them on their journey into the field.