Which Diaper Bag Size and Features Are Just Right?

The diaper bags market has dramatically grown in the last decade. Companies are trying to find their niche and stand out to many budgets and taste preferences by making bags that mimic purse looks, that are very functional, and still remain stylish and fun at the same time. Using some creative engineering tricks to fit every baby item imaginable for a trip in one large product has resolved in some interesting bags in all shapes and sizes.

But therein lies the catch. How do you know what size is best for your needs? You should probably look at a number of factors.

First, you need to look at the outer material. As everyone knows, babies are fun, and a lot of work too, and that means a lot of mess at any particular time. That leather designer bag you were pondering over may look wonderful and go fabulously with your stroller, high chair and wardrobe, but it probably is not going to clean up so well. Keep it mind the wear that these fabrics will take. Going with an easily wipeable fabric like microsuede or vinyl, or choosing to protect the fabric with a stain-resistant product, may give a better chance of the bag standing up to the rigors of day-to-day use.

Second, what height are you? A small petite woman is going to be looking a bit strange with a very large bag. She'll end up looking like she is drowning in it, or that that could contain both her baby's, and the woman's entire wardrobe as well. If you're 5'8 '' and above, then you can probably feel and look more comfortable with a very large size diaper bag.

Thirdly, think about what you really need to fit in the bag. Sure, it would be nice to put in everything that you might need. But the more you try to stuff in, the more weight you have to carry around each over a long haul. A couple pounds makes a really big difference when you carry it off and on for a full day!

Finally, you do have to like the overall look of the bag. It's something you'll have with you for at least a couple years. So do not be hesitant to try out a number of bags in the store. It has to feel just right. Put them on your shoulder, walk around with them a bit. Open them all up and play with the zippers, pockets, clasps and straps. This bag will become a part of your travel life, so you'll want to see how they all will stack up in advance for your everyday use.