Berry Cute Strawberry Shortcake Craft That Kids Can Go Nuts Over

Kids of all ages like Strawberry Shortcake and making the crafts are fun. With this fun craft they will be able to make a strawberry out of walnuts. They can use them as ornaments, necklace or charms. They will have all kinds of fun and will have hours of fun with their new strawberry craft.

Here are the materials you will need for this Strawberry Shortcake craft.

Walnuts with their shells on (one walnut per strawberry)

Red paint


Green felt

Thin ribbon

PVA or strong craft glue


Black marker (optional)

The first thing that you need to do for this Strawberry Shortcake craft is to paint the walnuts red and then set them aside to dry. While they are drying you want to have the kids do it or do it yourself, cut out small cross shapes from the green felt (one for each strawberry). Make a small hole in the middle of each cross.

Now with the ribbon you want to make a loop and place the ends of the loop in the hole that you just made in the felt. This will be what they use to hang it with (this is for the strawberry ornament). Now you want to check the walnuts to make sure that they are dry. Now is the time to glue the leaves (green melt cutouts) to the top of the strawberry (walnut). Now the only thing left to do for this cute Strawberry Shortcake ornament is to add small black dots to it with the marker. This will give it a more realistic look.

Now all there is left to do is to hang your Strawberry Shortcake ornament anywhere that you want to. These make great gifts for parents too if they wish to give them as such. Kids will love putting these cute crafts together.