Even in Bad Weather You Can Fly Remote Control Helicopters

Flying remote control helicopters isn’t just an outdoor hobby. In fact many RC helos work better indoors than out, no matter the time of year, or what’s happening with the weather outside.

Helicopter flying is a different playtime event all together. You need plenty of practice, and time to develop a feel for making an aircraft hover over a specific target.

Whether you’re on a rescue mission, moving into position to drop a harness to the stranded mountain climber or sinking ship victim, or even lowering in for a landing, any slight wind gust threatens to push you aside. Outside or inside a micro-movement of the control lever, and you suddenly shift many feet away from your target.

Try landing on the heli-deck of a radio control military ship when it’s yawing and pitching in heavy seas, and you’ll really test your remote control skills. When the weather is cold and snowing, or on those rainy days, you don’t want to play outside, and too often on those occasions we abandon our RC helicopters because we fear we’ll break something in the house.

You don’t need to fly a model to have RC helo fun. When weather chases you indoors it gives you the perfect opportunity to work on your flying skills without any worries of crashing into momma’s whatnot cabinet. Take advantage of that idle time to fire up the RC flight simulator, and work on those landing and hovering techniques.

Once you’ve honed those skills, and made yourself an Ace helicopter pilot, get that chopper into the air and have fun. You can keep playing heli pilot even when that weather chases you inside as long as you have the right aviation toys. You’ll probably want a selection of helicopters designed for different missions. When you assemble your collection why not start with one helo for outdoor flying, and another for indoor use. That way you don’t have to stop having fun.

Manufacturers design many models for indoor use as well as for outdoor flying. The mini size adapts particularly well inside. Constructed for ease of control and maneuverability, minis allow you to fly around obstacles without contact.

Some mini helos construction includes materials that resist damage when they crash into the wall, a lamp, or to the floor. The damage resisting properties protect the helicopter body from breakage, and help keep the working parts operational.

You’ll find RC helicopters specifically made with the beginner in mind. These not only have ease of control and maneuverability built in, but they have landing gear that minimizes damage to the helo body when it plummets to the ground.

Just because the weather threatens your outdoor flying hobbies don’t mean an end to your RCing. Set yourself up with a selection of aircraft designed for indoor flight, and keep on cruising the skies.

Don’t let cold temperatures, snow, or rain destroy your remote control helicopter flying fun.