Home Remedies For Hair – Mayonnaise Hair Treatment

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Are you experiencing dull hair that lacks luster? Are you experiencing dryness and breakage and do not know what to do with your hair? Before you visit the salon to get a major trim or cut, try a home hair treatment using mayonnaise. Oh yes, you can change the health of you hair with products that can be found in your kitchen cupboards!

Mayonnaise has been proven through many years to add luster and shine to lifeless strands! The cholesterol and protein in this every day product is what contributes to adding health to your hair. Most cholesterol hair products that you may find in stores contain alcohol (one of the leading causes of hair dryness). Plus, if you're eco-conscious you're treating your hair naturally and without using harmful chemicals. So, you'll be protecting the environment and yourself from toxic products!

How to Use Mayonnaise for Your Hair?

One of the most popular ways to use this hair treatment is as a conditioner. It is always important to do this on clean hair and scalp, so do this after shampooing your hair. Apply as you would any conditioner, making sure to gently massage into your hair from root all the way to the ends. Hint: add a little extra to your ends as it will aid in stopping splits dead in their tracks. Next, for a deep conditioning treatment put on a plastic shower cap and sit under the dryer for at least 15-20 minutes. If you do not want to sit under the dryer you can simply apply a pre-heated towel (if using this method, you may have to change to a second pre-heated towel after 10 minutes).

My recommendation is to use this treatment weekly if you're experiencing severe dryness, breakage, and split ends. However, if not then this is something that can be done every 6 weeks or so as a protein treatment.

Tip: As with any product containing protein / cholesterol I recommend following up with a moisturizing conditioner (this is especially true for us fine hair ladies as we need a proper balance of moisture and protein).

Tip 2: For added moisture add honey or a light oil (coconut, jojoba, extra virgin olive oil, etc.) to the mayonnaise.