The Beauty Of Using PAR20 LED Bulbs

The world is changing that has always been an irrefutable truth. That we have to change with it is in no doubt. In some areas the world has been regressing and in no field is this truer than in environmental degradation. Time has come to make a change especially in conserving energy. Enter the PAR20 LED bulb.

In its various applications ranging from lighting airplane cabins to reading lamps and even floodlights the LED revolution has been on since its advent in 1962. Its flexibility can not longer be taken into question. But is not the only thing tat it has going for it. Its advantages are as numerous as they are practical.

On the energy saving front these bulbs have been known to take up very minimal power to run on average about nine watts which is significantly less than conventional bulbs although some fluorescent variants still out strip this performance there are more compelling reasons to use LED bulbs

Over the long term the incandescent lights have proved to be quite economic especially in bringing down the ultimate overall costs. Generally the much touted statistic is that they are 90% more efficient than conventional bulbs.

Coupled by this increase in efficiency is the increased lifespan of these bulbs to as much as one hundred thousand hours of run time. The average is actually about fifty thousand hours though the dimming factor comes very heavily into play when stretching this lifespan. Unlike ordinary bulbs which will just give up altitude LED bulbs will dim over their lifespan before unexpectedly throwing in the towel. However there have recently been strides in non dimming light bulbs.

There is also the issue of flipping the switch to maximum wattage in a couple of micro seconds. There is no question of waiting a while for the glare of the light to stabilize. This is almost instantaneous. Even in cold temperatures that makes them ideal for use on porches and also as security lights. Their outdoor capacity is unparallel.

The increased efficiency is also as a result in reduction in heat generation which means there is less wasted energy emitted by the light emitting diode technology. This makes it useful in lighting purposes for temperature sensitive environments. Especially in controlled environments like laboratories and such.

That they are designed to fit perfectly into existing sockets makes them an ideal crossover component as there is no question of incurring further costs to accommodate these bulbs. Its as easy as changing the conventional bulbs.

They do not emit ultraviolet light but there have recently been concerns about the levels of blue light that they emit. However all in all the lack of mercury is a plus since over exposure to this heavy metal is also a cause of concern to most people in the know.

They can allow dimming or they might not depending on the manufacturer. Led bulbs are also available in a range of colors and angles as well as wattage.

AS far as specifications are concerned the quantity of the order may allow for leeway in specifications such as screw base length, angles wattage etc. The PAR20 LED bulbs are truly a breakthrough in lighting technology.