New Amazon Kindle 2 Review

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The new Amazon Kindle 2 has been upgraded to make reading on the go even more enjoyable. For those who never hear of the Kindle because you have been living in a black hole, it is a wireless reading device, or eBook reader, that can download wirelessly all kinds of reading material including books, magazines and newspapers.

There was nothing really else comparable on the market to the original Amazon Kindle, with the exception of the Sony eBook Reader, which still is light years away from what the Kindle can do. And now it is especially left in the dust with the new improvements to the Kindle 2.

Battery life is always an issue with portable electronics so Amazon have their own new Kindle 25% more battery life. With the wireless turned on, you can read for four days before having to recharge. With wireless turned off, you get up to two weeks of reading time before having to recharge which takes about four hours.

One of the most notable new features on the new Kindle is the "Read-to-Me". You can choose a male or female voice, the speed at which the reader reads to you, then sit back and it's story time! It will even automatically turn the page for you so you can really relax, close your eyes and have any book, magazine or newspaper read to you. This is really nice, especially if you do a lot of driving and always liked "books on tape".

There are plenty of improvements to the reading screen itself as well. It now has a higher resolution, with 16 shades of gray, so the text and images or photos are sharper. The screen is not like a computer screen, but made to look more like a page in a book, with no-glare and can be read in direct sunlight. You can also adjust the font to six different sizes to suit your eyes.

Amazon also made the Kindle lighter and thinner for easy transport and for better ergonomics. It now only weighs 10.2 ounces and is only one-third of an inch wide. This makes it easier to carry around and fit in your purse, jacket pocket, briefcase or computer bag. It's nice that they can cut down on the weight and size without compromising the visual quality of the device.

The page-turning feature has now been improved to prevent you from accidentally hitting the button and turning the page before you want it to. The buttons are now turned inward slightly so it requires a more intentional click on your part to turn the page. And now, for those who are extremely impatient, the pages turn 20% faster than before. No more wasted time.

This wireless reading device is not cheap at $ 359. But if you read a lot, the new Amazon Kindle 2 is definitely a worthy investment. The prices on reading material to download are cheaper than if you buy the actual item online or in you local bookstore and you can have all your books all in one place and with you all the time. Stuck in traffic? Do not fret, chill out. Now you can read a book or have it read to you!