Chef Apparel – Importance of Each Item of Wear

Most chefs are inclined toward traditional gear when it comes to selecting their professional attire. Traditional chef apparel would include checkered pants, a double-breasted jacket, coat and a hat. However, the glamorization of the profession has brought about tremendous transformation in chefs’ dress code. The transitional phase has not ended there. Fashion designers continue to work upon chef gear to make it more trendy and stylish.

Chef Apparel: Essentials

Designers aim to bring about a change in the chef apparel without deviating from the main purpose of the outfit. Each part of the chefs’ uniform has utility value. For instance, the white colored, double-breasted jacket is not worn just for a neat appearance. It is made of thick cotton fabric, which protects the chef from the immense heat in the kitchen. The buttons, although simple, are designed in ways that prevent them from burning when exposed to heat.

In the entire outfit, the chef’s coat is the most popular part, which is compulsorily worn even in the absence of the other accessories. This gives the chef a professional look and adds a touch of comfort to the attire. Usually called the executive coat, it is available with 10 or 12 cloth buttons. The coat incorporates a thermometer pocket, very crucial to this profession.

Chef’s pants too have special significance in the chef’s apparel. Earlier, the pants were checkered so that dirt and stains would not be conspicuous. Chefs nowadays prefer baggy pants or kitchen cargo pants. These pants are generally loose, to allow more breathable space, so that the wearer is able to move about freely. Checks are still ‘in’ and stripes too look quite classic.

The chef’s uniform remains incomplete without the hat. Earlier, the hat was considered to be a status symbol among chefs. However, the chef’s hat plays a more important role for the chef and for those who would taste the cooked food. The hats have a mesh top which enables air circulation so that the chef remains cool and comfortable. Also, a covering prevents hair from falling on the cooked items.