Things to Remember When Buying Your Samsung LCD Television

You have now decided on buying a flat screen television. There are so many models to choose from. However, it is of utmost importance that you must do your research in order to come up with the right decision. The following are the things that you must bear in mind when you choose your Samsung LCD TV model.


Know the size of the TV that you need and the space of your room, as well as the amount of space that you will allot for your TV. Measure the distance from where you will sit and the TV. Let us say for example, if you will be watching from a distance of 8 feet, a 32-inch LCD TV is highly recommended.


Many people will certainly want a 1080p television. But also consider the refresh rates, contrast ratios, and response rates. Are you fond of watching fast moving movies? If yes, then look for a low response time or a 120 Hz LCD TV for smooth motion. Are you particular with the design or the out appearance? Some televisions like what Samsung has manufactured stylish designs which look good even though they are turned off. This can also serve as your d├ęcor in the house.


There are low prices in your local store but then again there might be some bargains online that you might want to check out. It does not mean that though when something is expensive, it is already of high quality. It might be true to some, but the truth is, you can find something with almost the same features.

Reputation of the Company

A particular model may be cheap, but do you know the manufacturer? Do they have a good reputation? This is important in case you encounter a problem with your LCD TV. They must have an after sales support. Check out the different comments online and the reviews about a certain store.

Return Policy

What is the return policy of the store? Do they out rightly replace the defective TV with no fuss? Who will be responsible for the shipping fee when you return the product? Do they charge a return fee if in case you want to exchange the TV? These are some of the things that you must know when you buy from a certain store to avoid problems in the future.


How much will the store charge for the shipping? If ever the product encounters a damage, to what extent are they willing to cover the damage? Does the store get directly from their warehouse and deliver it to you or does it have to go through many routes first before your order arrives to you? Check also if someone will be able to help you setup your TV.

Cables and Extended Warrantyies

Must you get your model an extended warranty? Televisions today are not that easily destroyed so sometimes it is not necessary to get an extended warranty. However, you might want to get one if you like. Most salespersons will sales talk you into buying the different cables that they offer. The truth is, you can buy this online for a cheaper price.