Samsung Ln52b750 – Does the Samsung Ln52b750 Live Up to the Hype?

As your TV starts to show its age you're probably thinking about getting another one. There are many brands of cheap TV's out there but you want a good one. The Samsung Ln52b750 is probably your best bet for a living room TV. Obviously if you're still using a tube based television then you will be guided to own an LCD TV. After all what's not to love about them?

Samsung is located in South Korea and is based there as well. Samsung is one of the world's best electronics companies and markets their products all over the globe. As we get closer to the switch to all digital airwave broadcasts we are coming to the realization that our beloved CRT based prayers are becoming obsolete. Unless you have a converter box of some kind that giant behemoth in your living room is soon to become useless.

If you're a little confused here's a breakdown. CRT stands for Catheon Ray Tube; this is what older TV's use. HDTV stands for High Definition Television and is the standard for most new TV's. Compared to CRT, HDTV's are capable of very crisp, clear, and sharp images. Most programs and games when viewed on an HDTV will have a noticeable improvement in overall picture quality.

Many people are buying HDTV's for another reason altogether, they are smaller. Many LCD TV's are only about one fourth as deep as an equivalent tube TV. AS you can see this is quite a perk since this opens up many new positions for TV placement. Now keep in mind the width and height are unaffected, a 52 inch TV is still going to be 52 inches.

Now we look at the Samsung Ln52b750 technical specifications. This is an LCD TV measuring 52 inches in screen size. Samsung has shipped it with both tuner types so you can watch digital or analog. Its 49. 6 inches wide, 33. 8 inches high, and 12 inches deep. PIP is included on this model.

Measurements taken above are taken with the TV stand attached. The TV is surprisingly light for its size coming in just under 70 pounds. Screen resolution can go up to 1920 X 1080. The display has a response time of two milliseconds and the format is 1080p. There is 1 ten watt speaker on either side of the unit rounding out the stereo sound system. The unit is also energy star certified with a power consumption of around 190 watts.

Coaxial, Hdmi, Component, Composite, and VGA inputs are all supported. If you can find something that you can not plug into it, write Samsung I'm sure they will be surprised. Price can vary from place to place but this model generally retails for an average of 2500. 00 dollars. Samsung is not a cheap TV brand that expects you to buy everything separate, the stand and the remote are included.

In closing when you go to choose a replacement TV keep the Samsung Ln52b750 in mind. It would look rather nice in a large living room, or bedroom. It's a funny thing though; HDTV's can also double as computer monitors. If you have the room you can hook your pc up to it.