Where to Mine Copper Ore – WoW Tips

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If you are just starting out mining you'll likely be wondering where to start and what to mine for. The solution lies in copper ore! Copper ore is the lowest ore you can farm for and mine at a mining skill level of only one. Before you can start mining this ore you'll need to train mining at a trainer and have a mining pick in your inventory. Once you have done both of these things you are ready to begin mining.

The easiest way to mine for copper is to go outside of one of your major fact cities and begin there (cities such as Stormwind and Orgrimmar). These will be some of the easiest and lowest level zones to mine in and you will be surprised at how easy and fast mining will be while you are collecting copper ore.

I have several favorite places to mine (all of which depend on what fact you are, either horde or alliance). First off for the alliance I find Elwynn Forest and Azuremyst Isle to be great copper ore mining starter locations. For the horde I find that The Barrens and Eversong Woods are really good areas to start mining.

I have detailed maps of where to mine for copper ore in my Copper Mining Guide on my WoW Mining Maps site. Check out my resource box for more detailed information about where to mine, including what zones and where to go to find the most ore in those zones.