The Hottest Heroes of 7-Year-Old Boys

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Kids of today would always have their own set of superheroes. You can not blame them if they would only talk about their favorite hero who blasted some bad guys or did a fairly dangerous act which they are very proud of. One time or another, you might have been fascinated by Superman or the Justice League, and the feeling you had once when you were still in awe over these heroes was very nice. Today, boys have the hottest superheroes that you can easily go crazy at seeing the house full of pictures and action figures of their superheroes.


A young boy who incidentally found a device that resembles a watch, known as the Omnitrix that has the ability to transform the owner to a specific alien that he would choose. When Ben Tennyson, popularly known as Ben10 transforms into an alien, he gets to have all the powers of that particular alien. He would then help the humans being oppressed by aliens. Many times, aliens from foreign galaxies such as Vilgax would attempt to steal the Omnitrix from Ben but he just can not defeat the aliens that the Omnitrix has.

The name of the boy is actually Ben, and the number 10 represents the number of aliens that are trapped within the Omnitrix. From Ben10, it became Ben10 Alien Force where the aliens that retreat in the Omintrix increased in number. New and cute aliens were added with amazing powers that would have any 7-year-old shouting in glee.


Who could ever forget how Optimus Prime bravely cooked the Decepticons alone just to save Sam? 7-year-old boys also could not forget the cool way that each car transforms into an amazing robot. The Autobots would always be heroes for them, defenders of the Planet Earth from the bad Dececepticons. In fact, you can see children cheering on the Autobots.


Now there is absolutely no kid who did not try to climb walls like Spiderman after watching the superhero do so. Sometimes they would imagine being able to jump as high as they can and foresee something several seconds before it happens. In fact, most 7-year-old kids would have a Spidey costume hanging in their closets.

Fantastic Four

Almost all 7-year-olds wanted to stretch as far as they can just like Mr. Fantastic, or simply run so fast like the Human Torch. Truly Fantastic Four are heroes that kids would not easily forget.

Indeed, these are only a few of the hottest superheroes of 7-year-old boys of today. Some may like anime figures, or fantasy characters, but one thing is for sure – kids would always have superheroes to look up to.