Dog Food – The Right Way to Feed a Dog

We always want our dog to have good health, and a long and happy life. There are so many things we could contribute in achieving that goal. Dog food is the most important that focus on. Have you ever wonder what if we are feeding our dog the wrong food in long term, it could harm them and worst case our pet could die young. It often happens but do not worry you just need to know how to feed your dogs right.

Here are several things that you need to know about feeding your dogs:

1. Supplements are "okay", only if ….

If your dog has passive physical activity (sleep too much, rarely taken out for a walk), or simply under a stressful routine change. But giving too much supplement is not good for your dog, you have to give it in proper proportion. If you do not know how, it may cause temperament problem (because of kidney disorder)

2. No Bone anymore!

Our dog has different type of digestion. They have short digestive tracts. A small bone ate by dogs could cause them to choke, they have no amylase (an enzyme that is use to predigest starch).

3. No more raw eggs!

If you feed them with raw eggs regularly, you will make their skin breakout. In dog's body, there are biotin that are useful for dog skin health, but the problem is raw eggs destroy the biotin, and the result could lead to hair lost.

4. No more raw fish!

Raw fish can cause weak your dog stamina, can cause an abnormal posture and even death in several cases.

5. Meat protein diets to vegetable protein diets.

Meat protein are easily found in beef pork, chicken turkey and others. Vegetarian protein diets are much better than the meat protein diets because it is easily digested by dog ​​and it gives off more energy to the dogs.

6. Keep watch of their fat

The right proportion of fats, will result in a good skin. But too much fat, will have a bad effect in kidney, reproductive health, obesity and lethargy.

7. Make sure they get enough carbohydrates

A balance diet program is good. Make sure they get carbohydrates for their energy. Corn is one of the best source of carbohydrates.

8. Do not feed your dog too regularly.

That can get him into the routine of expecting to eat at those times. and could lead to weight gain. Letting him get hungry and feeding sensibly.

9. Do not give your dog a chocolate or any kind of high fat diet or junk food. That is not health for your dog.

10. Say "No" to commercial dog food.

Stop using commercial dog food as your dog's only or main source of food. This step is the most important and you should make the change in the next couple of days. But you can not make this change unless you have a good alternative plan in place.

11. Make your dog home made food

Get some healthy, well-balanced dog food recipes and start feeding your dog home made food. But be sure you have a good source of recipes written specifically for dogs because they have very specific requirements, different to humans.

Give what best for your dog.