6 Steps For Potty Training Your Dog

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Potty training your dog made easy.

Are you sick of coming home to a pile of poop, or finding a wet spot on your prized rug or carpet? Well I have the solution. These six helpful steps have been proven not to fail. I've tried and tested them myself with my dogs with great success. When trying to train anything, especially a dog, it can often be difficult and meticulous but these easy steps will assist you in successfully potty training your dog.

Step 1: After the first time your dog goes to the bathroom inside you must make them aware they did something wrong. Hitting your dog is the worst idea, this will only instill fear in your pet and will not cure the problem. Instead, bringing them outside after the incident is always a good idea. After repetition the dog will associate going to the bathroom with going outside.

Step 2: Using positive reinforcement is key. After your dog goes to the bathroom outside, give them a treat and tell them they are good to encourage this behavior.

Step 3: Be sure to take your dog outside frequently, especially when you first wake up in the morning, before you go to sleep at night, and after each meal. This is especially the case for young puppies. Creating a schedule of set times when you take your dog out is very helpful. Dogs will become accustomed to these routines and even depend on them.

Step 4: Every time you take your dog outside let him / her know why by saying the same thing each time. For instance, "Let's go potty". Dogs will begin to understand just as they do with other commands.

Step 5: A kennel is useful for training. Your dog should be sleeping in their kennel at night and when you leave them, you should be placing them in their kennel. Typically, dogs will not go to the bathroom where they sleep.

Step 6: Do not punish your dog for an accident that occurred a long time prior to discovery, they will not understand what they did wrong.

With patience, a positive attitude, and these 6 steps, you and your dog are on the road to happiness. Successful potty training can be hard without the proper guidance and background. Practicing these steps will help you achieve a more obedient dog. Good luck with your animal endeavors!