How to Prepare Your Dog For The Autumn Season

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With the winter fast approaching, it's no wonder that everyone is anticipating for it.

Who would not fall in love with the sight of dead leaves in brown, yellow, and amber? And the fresh new scent of the season that tells you that winter is coming.

However, not everyone enjoys autumn season. Dogs do not come ready for this and it's your job to keep them happy as the weather is changing.

Groom for the weather

If you have not groomed your furry friend yet, now is the time to do so. This season can be a drag to your pet particularly if they are not groomed properly. Now is the time to prepare your dog's coat for the coming winter.

Do not forget to brush your dog. Brushing is the most important part of the dog's grooming session. Through brushing, your pet's natural oils are released from the skin and through the hair. This natural coating keeps the fur protected and will prevent it from shaving off on the coming winter.

Fatten them up

Just as the bears are fattening up to hibernate, you also have to do this to your pet as well. This is because when it's cold outside, your pet's body needs more energy. This is where the fat is very useful as fat turns to energy to keep them warm.

The good news is this season, fattening them up will not be a problem. With the biggest food holidays coming, fattening them up would be a piece of cake.

Before you do this procedure, consult your veterinarian first. It may be that your dog is already fat and you do not know it.


Fattening them up then exercising them? Now that's not a good combination, but exercise is very important during this season. With the shorter days, its highly unlikely that you'll be walking with your dog in the evening or any time of the day.

You'll have to deal with the weather like train and occasional snows so taking them outdoors will not be a good idea.

For this season's exercise, you might want to consider training them indoors. Have them walk on a treadmill or a good idea would be to set up an agility or endurance course indoors.

You can walk them outdoors from time to time, but be weary of the weather.


  • As there are two food holidays in this season, watch what your dog eats.
  • Keep your pets dry. If they are sleeping outdoors make sure that their sleeping area is raised up off the ground.
  • If your dog lives outdoor, consult your vet before the weather turns cold. Your dog's age and health condition can affect the way they can cope up with the weather.
  • Mushrooms are rampant during this season. While most of these mushrooms have no toxicity, some of them are poisonous when ingested. These does not look much different compared to the non-toxic ones, so it's best to keep your pets away from any area the mushrooms are growing.