Quantum Economics – Philosophy of the Economy – Quantum Leap in Market Economics

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In market economic economic tools (quantum economics: parameters) are used indiscriminately (not politically motivated but statically formulated) to maintain balance (quantum economics: grid or quantum quantities) demand-to-supply ratios. Compare to current used production (based economies that should be using self-adjusting dialectic economics of trickle-down approaches for development.

Because, economic tools (parameters) are "artificially" applied to limit over-capitalization or under-capitalization effect on real economies and markets, these (economic tools, parameters) may well be used to increase or decrease different parts of economies, markets by artificially accelerating or slowing business activities.

In modern times ecological issues are becoming extremely relevant to Earth survival: developing and less developed countries' industrialization (considered by the standards of production economies only ways for development) will destroy Earth either by polluting the environment to point of no return or by exhausting Earth recourses to point of no return: both scenarios Earth will not survive such mass industrialization; In third scenario if developing and less developed countries and markets are pressed to stay as these are using financial means and these (developing and less developed countries and markets) remain in such underdeveloped condition these still are growing in population and gradually polluting Earth and destroying Earth resources in much higher then most developed countries and markets rates; also in deregulated global market environment when environmental rules are regulations are obeyed by most developed countries and markets but not obeyed by other markets then industrial production will move to deregulated areas so pollution is unavoidable in current production profit (only) based economics.

Quantum Economics Leap or Quantum Leap is 'controlled' economic jump executed by pointed use of financial means (low rate business loans and subsidies) to different areas of real economies and markets particularly less developed countries, markets or parts of markets (in this category: parts of most developed countries and markets' underdeveloped areas could be considered)

Predominantly, development of less developed countries and markets, or parts of markets should be directed toward environmentally friendly technologies: renewable energy sources, organic farming, environmental tourism and etc. In economics of Marketism countries and markets should not necessary become industrialized to raise their life standards and development is not (only) related to industrial production:


Where industrial good will come from to bring needed supply to such growing demand from non-industrial development?


It will come from globalizing rapidly expanding production of countries and markets of US, Japan, China, India, etc.

Globalization of industrial production and rapid rising productivity could provide needed industrial and high tech "supply" to growing by quantum leaps consumers "demand"; to prevent from imbalances of demand-to-supply ratios central banking system should be established that uses formulas for monetary quantities and fiscal quantities and precisely applies economic tools (parameters) to limit economic recessions (quantum economics: energy buildups and consequential big waves). (See: Quantum Economics-Philosophy of the Economy-Monetary Quantities Formulas and other related articles).