The Sherpa AKC Duffle Dog Carrier – A Practical Look

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If you are a small pet lover and haven’t looked at Sherpa Pet Carriers lately, you should look at some of the great products available today. One that has really caught my attention is the Sherpa AKC Duffle Dog Carrier. This pet tote is versatile, fashionable, and made from the finest quality material not to mention endorsed by the American Kennel Club. This fine pet tote is part of the fantastic Guaranteed on Board program that Sherpa developed along with the help of the major airlines which will put you at ease when you are traveling knowing your dog is safe and secure.

The Sherpa AKC Duffle Dog Carrier really caught my eye this past week when I was at work on my other job as an airline pilot. As a pet lover and promoter of these fine products, I have seen many in use, but that was the first time I had seen this particular carrier in action. I am a very practical person, and seeing something being used in real life does more for me than all of the pictures and descriptions that I can come up with to my fellow canine lovers, and I am here to say that this is one beautiful piece of work.

My witness to this beautiful pet tote being used was going through security in the Los Angeles International Airport. I glanced over to see a young lady with her Yorkie going though the line next to mine, and saw the Sherpa AKC Duffle Carrier that she was using. On the other side, I introduced myself and questioned her about the carrier, telling her that I was the owner of an online pet store that carried these particular products. Funny thing is, after talking with her, she had acquired the carrier from my very website. Anyway, she informed me that this was the best tote she had ever owned for her little ball of fur.

I had set out to write a review of some sort on this particular product at some point, but am glad I did not. For those of you like me, that are more inspired by real life testimonials of products in use, I hope this helps you out if you have been considering one of these AKC products by Sherpa. It really caught my attention, and thanks to the person who let me examine her tote and question her in the security line at LAX. It is not your traditional product review, but maybe a little more than a look at specs, materials, and design. Give them a look if you are in the hunt for an airline approved carrier for your pet. I think you will like what you see.