The Cheating Boyfriend Test

When you're in a relationship, you can tell a lot from your boyfriend's behavior. If your boyfriend is acting differently meaning he's distant, you may need to see if he can pass the cheating boyfriend test.

Sometimes you fall so much in love with a man that it's hard to see his flaws. But there are ways to tell if he has a cheating heart. Maybe he disappears at odd hours of the night, or sometimes he comes up with strange excuses for not being home or being busy on the weekends. Maybe he's a good liar. Whatever the case, if you notice his behavior has changed, you may have reason to suspect that he is cheating. But how can you know for sure?

Although there's no way to tell for sure whether or not he has someone on the side, there are a number of indicators that may lead you to believe he's been unfaithful.

Questions to ask yourself

Does it avoid eye contact? Do you find it hard to get a straight answer out of him?

Does he leave the room to accept strange phone calls? Are your dates suddenly becoming shorter?

Even if you do not think your boyfriend is the cheating type, these are signals to pay attention to. If you do not feel like going through the runaround, ask him why he's gone all the time or why your dates have gotten short. If he stutters, chances are he has something to hide. If it becomes defensive, take this as a clear sign that you've done it in a lie and need to start packing your bags.

Does he only want you for sex?

If you find that your relationship has become purely physical, this may be a sign that he is seeking emotional support elsewhere. If he's cheating, he may come to see you for sex only.