How to Please Your Woman Orally – Make Her Shiver and Shake With Pleasure

If you didn’t know already, giving oral sex to a woman is highly pleasurable and one of the best things you can do to have them experience amazing shiver and shaking orgasms. They love it!

But, they only love it if you do it right. It’s very important to learn how to please your woman orally.

Most guys do NOT do it right. They go down there and blindly lick and slurp away with no rhyme or reason.

In order to do it right you need to use technique and then practice to find out how she really, really likes it.

But I’m going to get you started and show you how to please your woman orally so she can experience those amazing shiver and shaking orgasms, which she’ll NEVER forget!

  • First, make your way down there slowly. Don’t just dive right in. Build up the sensation with a lot of foreplay. Pretend that you are at the movies and you are showing her the previews, building up her anticipation for the feature presentation.
  • Once your down there, continue to tease. OK, now we are at the feature presentation, but you still want to make the opening sequence long and drawn out (not too drawn out though). Maneuver your tongue around the vagina area. Don’t zero in on the clitoris just yet.
  • By this time she’s going to be very worked up and will be begging you for more pleasure. Don’t worry, this is where you want her. The more she begs, the bigger the orgasm will be. Start your work on the clitoris. You want to learn a technique or tongue routine to perform and this is where a good oral sex – cunnilingus guide comes in, where you can simply choose a few techniques or a routine and just go for it.
  • Say you choose to perform small circles with your tongue. Start rolling your tongue in circles over her clitoris and pay attention to rhythm and speed and how she responds to each.
  • Once you hear the moaning increase and sense that she is beginning to experience those pleasurable shakes and shivers, then whatever speed and rhythm you are performing, stick with it and drive it home.
  • Finally, prepare yourself for a verbally loud explosion of pleasure as she orgasms.

Learning how to please your woman orally is one of the most important things you can do in your sexual relationship. The orgasmic payoff is huge, and the rewards you receive for providing such pleasures, is priceless.