How to Get Your Broken Xbox 360 Up & Running Tonight

So there I was in the middle of an online match of Call Of Duty 4 when it happened. My Xbox 360 got the three red rings of death. I could not believe it. It froze solid and my dreams of being the top player of the match were over. I could not even tell my buddy what had happened because it froze. And I knew what was coming next. I was going to have to send my Xbox 360 back in for repairs and wait for my console to be returned.

Before this happens to you I wanted to give you some tips to avoid what I went through. If you follow these tips you run a better chance of avoiding the three red rings of death.

The Xbox 360 runs very hot. Even Microsoft has admitted as much. This is why you get the three red rings of death. It is due to overheating.

So the main thing you want to do is avoid having your console get hot. If your Xbox 360 is located in an entertainment center, check around the console to see if you can locate any unwanted heat sources. For example, if you have a DVD player or similar unit sitting below it or above it this can generate extra heat. You may want to locate your Xbox 360 away from any other electronic devices that may be in your entertainment center.

If you find that your Xbox 360 is getting too hot trying to power the unit off and unplugging all the cables and peripherals that may be attached to your console. Let the unit rest for a couple of hours and cool down. Once the unit has had a chance to cool off, plug everything back in and turn your Xbox 360 back on. Hopefully at this point your system should be running much cooler.

My brother had an Xbox 360 die on him and while he was waiting for it to be shipped to Microsoft for repairs, he went online and found a guide that would have helped him get his console up and running that night. He told me that he wished he found it sooner.