How to Create a North Carolina-Themed Gift Basket

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In the Southeastern part of the United States, North Carolina sits along the Atlantic Seaboard. As one of the original Thirteen Colonies, the state served as home to the first established English colony in the Americas. Many firsts continued to flourish in North Carolina, including the Wright Brothers succeeding in their earliest flight at Kill Devil Hills, located close to Kitty Hawk. Today, tourists encounter mountain ranges, humid temperatures, and close connections with the film industry.

While California and New York seem to monopolize all of the attention when it comes to the movie world, did you know that North Carolina is the third largest film production state? Through the North Carolina, film studios located in Asheville, Wilmington, Durham, Raleigh, Shelby, and Charlotte, crank out some of the most well known flicks to hit the movie theaters. Some gift basket ideas to create may highlight some of the films shot in the state, such as the baseball-inspired Bull Durham basket; snacks and activity basket in honor of Cabin Fever; and a photographed candle assortment to pay homage to Stephen King's Firestarter.

Additional films filmed in the area include Dirty Dancing, The Crow, Cape Fear, Shallow Hal, as well as the popular teen TV show titled Dawson's Creek, which would make the perfect Teen Angst gift basket filled with acne products, and bath and cosmetic selections .

North Carolina also houses a serious assortment of higher education institutions, where gift baskets showcasing the popular schools of the area are sure to please both the baking parent and the studious attendee. Make sure you have enough colorful ribbons, bows, and accents that correspond to followingable colleges and universities in the area: Duke University (Duke blue and white); Wake Forest University (Old Gold and black); Davidson College (red and black); and North Carolina State University (red and white).

State symbols can help a gift basket creator find new and exciting ways to make arrangements. In the case of North Carolina, you may want to utilize the cardinal (state bird); the dogwood (state flower); the emerald (state gem); milk (state beverage); the sweet potato (state vegetable); as well as the strawberry and blueberry, which serve as state berries. Pine spotted candles and incenses could be used to fill a gift basket that pays tribute to the state tree. The Eastern Gray Squirrel, which is the state mammal, may present an entertaining companion for a stuffed animal choice filling a gift basket geared towards kids. The European honeybee serves as the state insect, which allows gift basket makers to play with the theme of honey.