Makeup Application – Do's and Dont's

There must have been a time when you have noticed a woman whose makeup actually made her look more unappealing than she would look without it. Or, maybe you're old enough to remember Tammy Faye Baker and her blatant abuse of makeup? Maybe you have seen a woman who makeup reminded you of an escaped clown from the circus?

Each of these situations was most likely caused by someone who was never taught how to apply makeup properly. Today, let's look at how to choose and apply your makeup correctly.

The best place to start is at the foundation. The biggest mistake women make when choosing a foundation is to use it to change their skin coloration. This is not the purpose of foundation. Foundation is there simply to help you apply further makeup smoothly and evenly. This is why you should choose a foundation that matches your natural skin tone as closely as possible. To know that you have found the right shade, you should appear to have no makeup on at all after you apply it.

On to basic makeup application. It's crucial to note that not all makeup colors are the same. Choosing the right makeup shade can be tricky. Why? Because the color that looks best on you depends on what "season" or "warmth" you are. Different people use different verbiage here, but the idea is still the same. Let me explain.

Many years ago I had my "colors done" and it was determined that I was "autumn." What this means is I look best in dark colors such as burgundy, deep purple, and darker reds. These colors mean that I have a warm skin tone.

Once you have picked your makeup colors, you have got to apply them properly. For example, the blush you put on should be very light so that it just hints at a colored hue. It should track along your cheekbone upward, and cover what is called the Apple of the cheek. To determine where the apple of your cheek is, take a deep breath and close your mouth and then let the air flow up the cheeks. That area that swells up is called the Apple.

As for your eyes, eye liner and mascara should probably be avoided because they can lead to infections and / or blockages of the tear ducts. This can result in vision problems later on.

Eye shadows should be chosen from the same color schemes determined by your skin tone. Eyeshadow should be applied from the brow bone down to the eyelid. It should start light, and end up darker on the eyelid.

Start with the lightest tone and apply it to your brow bone area. Next, apply the medium tone to the crease line area, blending it up into the light tone area so you can not see where one tone ends and the other one begins. Finally, apply your dark tone to the eyelid itself, again making sure to blend it into the medium tone.

This is how to properly apply makeup. If you follow these steps you'll have no problems looking like the Queen of the ball.