Makeup Lines For Mature Skin Are Botox's Best Friend

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Botox for eye wrinkles can make crow's feet disappear. As you probably know, though, the effects of botox are not permanent. To help the skin around your eyes stay smoother for longer, try makeup lines for mature skin that contain moisturizers to hydrate and renew your skin's elasticity. Makeup that contains collagen is another good choice for enhancing the effects of your botox for eye wrinkles.

Botox injections for wrinkles are used to create the appearance of smoother, firmer skin. Should any fine lines remain, regular makeup can settle into those creases. It draws attention to the lines and detracts from the effects achieved by botox injections for wrinkles. Makeup lines for mature skin, however, will not cake around wrinkles or accumulate in creases.

Moisturizers are key because mature skin tend to be drier. Proper moisturizing is an important part of anti aging skin care. A cream or mousse foundation will hydrate your skin and is less likely to build up in wrinkles. Avoid matte foundations as they can look dull and flat.

Focus on makeup lines for mature skin that contain a strong sunscreen because sun exposure drastically ages our skin. Also, look for makeup with vitamins such as C and E. These antioxidants exfoliate dry, dead skin cells that keep our faces from looking fresh. Make exfoliation a regular part of your anti aging skin care regiment.

Another way to achieve smooth-looking skin is to apply a primer before you put on your makeup. Primer is a light gel or cream that creates a base layer for your foundation. It also helps make makeup last longer and fills in wrinkles so your foundation will not. Most makeup lines for mature skin feature at least one primer.

A light-up, magnifying mirror is a good investment. Not only does it help you better apply your makeup, it will also help you evaluate your anti aging botox treatment. You can see how well the botox injections are working and when it is time for your next treatment.

As you get older, our makeup needs change. The makeup you wore as a teenager or in your 20s and 30s may not be flattering anymore. Makeup lines for mature skin are specifically created to address these changing needs. Use them to enhance your botox treatments for skin that's smooth, glowing and youthful.