Belly Dancing Jewelry For Men

Even though belly dancing is most often associated with woman, males in oriental countries are also taught how to belly dance. Therefore, if you are interested in learning this art, you may also be interested in belly dancing jewelry for males. As with scarves and belts, you may be able to wear some items with your regular clothes. For the most part, you will find that this type of jewelry is far more diverse and attractive than what you are accredited to wearing.

If you are in the habit of wearing a single earring, you may want to look at the designs worn by belly dancers. Among other things, you will find earrings with set with beautiful stones, as well as ones with interesting shapes. You may even want to select an earring that has several stones, or even a mirror set into it. As may be expected, you may also want to look for an earring that creates a pleasant sound.

Over the years, more men are feeling comfortable with wearing bracelets. Aside from wearing bracelets dedicated to cancer awareness, there are many beautiful designs for belly dancers. Among other things, you may want to try wearing a bracelet with glass inlays, as well as one made from different colored enamels.

Today, men in western society are still bound by limits when it comes to the types of jewelry that are considered acceptable. Fortunately, arm bands have been worn by males all over the world. While arm tattoos may be seen more often, armbands are every bit as attractive. Without a question, if you are wearing a t-shirt, or other short sleeved top, a metallic armband will set it off perfectly. You may even find that you will start a new trend in your neighborhood.

As may be expected, if you are going to learn belly dancing, or wear a full costume, there are many other types of jewelry that you may want to try out. This includes slave anklets, as well as toe rings, coin necklaces, and head pieces. Depending on the costume that you decide to wear, a gold coin belt or waist sash may also be appropriate.