Lose Lips Sink Ships in Industrial Equipment Buying

When you are in business and considering opening a new factory, industrial unit or business you must be wise as to keep things quiet. Why you ask? Well if you are in a limited industry sub-sector you may find that the equipment makers in the industry have a network and the word spreads like wild-fire in the industry.

Let us say you are building a produce processing center? There may be only 2 or 3 makers of certain types of equipment for conveyors and size and shape samples. You may find the XYZ Company guys are in Bed with Vern Johnson company over there at Blue Harvest Produce Processing or claim to be. So you must be careful of what you say and who knows who. Perhaps you are thinking I thought the Johnsons were smaller than that, they probably are, they can not be all that stupid?

The XYZ Company Group sure allows a lot of lose lips to sink ships and this is quite common and you might never know this or consider this when entering the niche processing of peaches in Georgia. You would be wise to keep what you are doing close to the vest, as you may have been surprised how many people are very close to the industry. From bankers, insurance people, real-estate professionals, lawyers to equipment makers, salesmen and contract installers. So, please consider all this in 2006.