4 Things You Can Do For A Health Insurance When You Are Unemployed

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Being unemployed is an emotional, psychological and financial challenge for most of us. The last thing we need at such a time is fundamental medical bills to pay because we broke a leg in a freak accident. We still need a health insurance to shield ourselves from huge medical bills in times of trouble. Here are four things we can do during the period of unemployment to ensure we are still covered by a such policy:

Remain On Previous Employer's Health Coverage Plan

If you know that you are between jobs and will not need long term help, you can choose to remain on your previous employer's medical coverage plan. This is in line with the COBRA act that regulates that employees can keep their insurance as long as they make the premium payments even after losing their jobs.

Find out if you can afford to make the payments. You may be able to remain on the plan for up to 12 months. You could also include your spouse and children in the plan if they are dependent on you for these medical health plans .. However, as the premium will no longer be supplemented by your employer, it may not be as cost effective as it was previously.

Purchase Medical Plan

You can do some research on your own There are several companies that provide health insurance to unemployed people as they do not require employment verification. All they need is a verifiable bank account. The prices can be quite affordable and they do provide good coverage.

Look Into State Sponsored Health Care

You may want to contact your state's department of insurance find out if you are eligible for state-sponsored health care or government-sponsored care such as Medicaid. You can also inquire about other low cost medical plans available.

Add To Spouse's Health Insurance Coverage

If you spouse is employed and is covered by health insurance, you can request to be added to his or her coverage policy. This would also probably add on to the promotions but is definitely worth it.