Laptop Battery

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Laptop batteries are exclusively designed for every laptop model and make. Thus, the batteries required for a particular brand of laptop differ from batteries those that are used for other brands of laptops. The life of a battery depends upon the type of that battery. This means that a nickel metal hydride battery will have a survivor lifespan compared to a lithium ion battery.

Laptops are famous for their phenomenal power consuming capacity. This happens because these batteries must be small and lightweight so that they can be easily fitted in the laptop. A typical laptop battery lasts for about ninety minutes. This is a major problem because laptops are provided to provide service even on the road or when moving. Using heavier and larger sized batteries can solve this problem.

One more factor that affects the performance of a battery is the temperature inside the laptop. A battery loses half of its power when working because of the temperature in the laptop that can reach the 45 ° C mark. This happens because of the cell oxidation that takes place inside the battery. Cell oxidation is an irreversible process that is detrimental to the lifespan of a laptop battery.

All these problems can not be solved in an instant. However, some precautionary measures can be taken in order to save time and money. Leaving a laptop in a car that is parked in the sun will result in battery damage and this situation must be avoided. Using the laptop in a cool room will result in increase in the lifespan of the battery. Lithium ion batteries are well suited for those who switch from a fixed power source to a battery on a regular basis. On the other hand, nickel based batteries are useful for those who prefer using the battery as a primary source for the laptop.

The way in which a person uses a laptop battery and the type of battery used, is more important when we realize there are very few alternatives that can really satisfy a laptop user when it comes to battery failures.