How to Raise Rabbits – Guide on Food and Grooming

So, you have finally decided to get a pet rabbit. These adorable, fluffy creatures are really cute, but there's one problem: you do not know how to raise rabbits. Fear not! Although it will require you a bit of work and time, it does not take much to know the answers on how to raise rabbits. A little patience and a heart that loves bunnies would go a long way to keep the little bun buns happy and content.

The basic knowledge on raising rabbits is to know what kind of food and drink to give them. This is simple. For the food, give them a mix of hay, fruits and vegetables. Alfalfa hay is suited for younger bunnies, while timothy hay would please a grown up bunny more. Rabbits love fruits. Pears, apples, melons, peaches and strawberries are good choices for rabbit food. You can cut them into bite-sized pieces for the rabbits. As for the vegetables, everyone knows that carrots are rabbits' best friend (or food, for that matter). Load their food bowl with carrots and leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli. For rabbits that run regularly, you can let them eat dandelions as long as they are free from pesticide.

Some rabbits owners focus too much on food and forget that water is important on how to raise rabbits, too. The best way to provide water for your pet bunny is to place a water bottle outside its' cage, but still within reach. You do not want to put it inside because the rabbit can knock it off, and it will make a rabbit house cleaning difficult for you. Change the water every day. Clean the bottle and nozzle regularly with warm water.

Humans want to look good, and so do rabbits! You have to groom your rabbit regularly. The frequency depends on the length of the rabbit's hair. For a rabbit with short fur, brush the fur once or twice a week with a brush that is specifically designed for rabbit fur. This can be bought in pet shops. For rabbits with long fur, it is important that you groom your rabbit everyday. Brushing the fur daily keeps it from getting matted. Alternately, you can bring it to professional animal groomers who know how to raise rabbits and have the fur trimmed regularly to keep it short, so that you would not have to brush it everyday. Brush the rabbit's fur gently.