How To Make Warhammer Crystals

When you have a cool termagaunt miniature or a beautiful base and you want to add more details on it. How do you wish to add more details to improve its look. Well I've got the a reason to smile now for the Crystals is the best answer for it. Imagine your base that was being added by a crystal on sides, how cool can that be. This time adding not just the crystals on your warhammer bases but also putting on sand as well as painting it to add more variety. In this article you will learn how to make Warhammer crystals that you can add to your base or on any terrain.

Materials List


-paint brush

-sanding paper

-PVA glue (white glue)

-orted paints

Step 1 cutting your sprues

There is no need to buy sprues on the store just extra sprues that you can see in your working area. Cut off a few small pieces from them, just be sure that its pretty clean from its markings or numbers that was place on your sprues. Because sprues usually comes up with on it. Crystals with any marks on it specifically numbers will look quite off. So just double check the sprues that you will use for your crystals.

Step 2 Sand and Shape

After you have your sprues already, begin sanding your sprues into crystal shaped pieces. Imagine that you will put your sprues on the bases of your warhammer miniature so the size will be quite small.

Step 3 Glue crystals to base

When you have your sprues sanded and shaped like crystals, glue a couple crystals to random areas of your base or anywhere you like. Crystals that are glued on an angle give your warhammer base an added touch that looks great.

Step 4 Glue sand

Next, brush on PVA glue (whit glue) onto the rest of your warhammer base and sprinkle on fine sand, and then after sprinkling shake off excess sand that did not stick onto the glue. Then leave it to dry for few minutes

Step 5 Painting crystals

When it is already dry, its time to paint your crystals. Begin by applying your first base coat of color to your crystals. Lets just use a liche purple color paint so that it will be easily recognized. Next, dry brush warlock purple, and then tentacle pink. After dry brushing, give it few more minutes to dry, after that add a wash blue ink. Make sure to water down the blue ink, otherwise it'll saturate the crystal leaving you with no visible undercoats.

Step 6 Paint the sand (optional)

I f you have some time left and still want to add more beauty to your warhammer, this suggestion can be done. You can paint the sand away from the crystals, to give good contrast dry brush your sand by codex gray paint. Make sure to leave some of the natural color showing through. And finish it off by lightly dry brushing some skull white.