Ruby Televisions – Diamond Wine Glasses – Swarovski Lamps

The world's most impressive collection of unusual luxury is in Miami. I recommend the place because no other location shares their concept of unique luxury. You can find anything from a red diamond wine glass to a flying boat at this fabulous place. Do yourself the favor of checking it out because that is where you need to go if you are trying to decorate your home in an opulent, exclusive manner. Star Island residents shop there due to their incredible chairs, lamps, tables and sofas. The products are indescribable and should be personally experienced. However, you can browse the Internet in case you can not make the flight down to Florida.

Diamond televisions, Flying boats, Swarovski lamps … the list goes on. Miami stores have it all and go way beyond what you are used to seeing.

As mentioned, many stores share the same concept – unusual luxury. These people scour the globe seeking unique manufacturers that produce beautiful products in the rarest form possible. It is not simply a matter of being different, of course. Style, opulence and rarity is at the fore front of their check list. Hundreds upon hundreds of items that are happily accepted by most retailers do not stand a chance of being transported in certain Miami retailers. This is the main reason I recommend the city so fervently. All their models are carefully evaluated, and therefore discerning shoppers are always pleased with the selection. The best way to describe the product line is like an All-Star team. Most retailers – like sports teams – have a superstar or two. Miami luxury retailers offer nothing but superstars.