Eybags? Ways to Get Rid of That Excess Luggage

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A lot of people get attracted to others just by looking at their eyes. Almost always, both men and women will say that it's the eyes that catches most of their attention when they see someone from the opposite sex for the first time. Because it is the most captivating feature of your face, you have to make a very nice imprint on the minds of those who look at you. This is hard to do if you have an excess baggage underneath your eyes. Instead of catching their attention with your beautiful eyes, they'll notice and remember you as someone who has those puffy lids. Worried? Do not be. There are ways to prevent, diminish, and in severe cases remove these bags for good.

Prevention is always better.

Lack of sleep, poor diet, and overworking are just three of the many causes why a person gets the so called eyesbags. As much as possible, a person should have the recommended eight hours of sleep to keep the eyes glowing. Diet keeping of caffeine, fried and processed foods, and carbonated drinks retain fluid inside the body and those fluids will be mostly stocked in the tissues under your eyes creating that baggy, puffed look. If you do not want that accumulation then better avoid those kinds of foods. Eye exercise that uses your fingers to gently press the area under your lower eye lids and moving them in circular motions will also help to prevent those bags from appearing.

If you already have them and wished to get rid of them as soon as possible, then maybe now is the time for you to opt for an eyebag removal surgery .

The surgery is a fairly simple procedure which involves removal of the excess fatty tissues of your eyelids through a minute incision at the outer margin of your lids. The excess skin and muscles can be trimmed prior to closing the incision to have a firmer and smoother looking eyelids without a trace of any pouches. Very fine sutures and sometimes even surgical glue is used to close the small incision so scarring can be minimal and may look as just fine lines like the natural creases of your eye lids.

So do not fret, having those eyeglasses should not stress you out. Have the patience try out modern and very safe ways to solve that dilemma.