Create a French Style Kitchen Within a Small Budget

Is money standing in the way between you and your dream kitchen? Not anymore. French style kitchens can easily adapt to any budget and you can have one in your home using creativity and these simple guidelines.

When people think about French country houses, the image of green fields and vineyards comes to mind. Inside these houses, French style mix simplicity and elegance to create a pleasant atmosphere. Even though the kitchen is a high traffic area, it must be an inviting, comfortable and beautiful place, designed to be family friendly. Anyone can have a piece of the French countryside within their homes, using this kitchen design that suits every budget. If you're remodeling your house but are limited by your wallet follow these guidelines to design your own kitchen.

A great source of inspiration – or at least the most pleasant would have been visiting a real country kitchen in France. A cheaper and more plausible alternative is looking at pictures of French style kitchens, on magazines or on the Internet. As you're browsing through the photos, notice the colors, the details and the arrangement of objects. Make a mental image or sketch how your kitchen would look in your home.

After you've enjoyed daydreaming about your gorgeous kitchen, it's time to get back to reality. Consider how much money you are able and willing to spend, leaving room to cover for unexpected emergencies. Additional repairs usually during during remodeling and some appliances may need to be replaced.

Take a look around your house and see if there are any elements to help you with your new kitchen design. Re-purposed furniture is great to achieve the rustic look you desire and make your space look homier. In addition, new stuff. High expenses like refreshing the cabinets can be avoided by painting them replacing the knobs.

Grab hold of a measuring tape and start sizing up your available space. If you're adding additional furniture you must make sure that there's enough room. Measures are extremely important if you're changing cabinets and shelves, so make sure you write it all down before you buy anything.

French style kitchens are decorated with light earthy tones, such as pale yellows, greens, beige's and whites. Consider the furniture that will stay and choose a palette that harmonizes. Use light colors for larger surfaces, such as walls and cabinets, and leave darkest tones for accessories. Using rug or mats is a great trick to cover the floor, in case it does not match the French style.

French style is characterized by being bright and vibrant. To achieve this, you need to use as much natural light as possible. Using light colors on your walls helps illuminate the space. If you have windows, stick to white clear curtains, to allow for maximum light entrance. If natural light is not enough, hide small light sources above or benefit the cabinets to provide indirect illumination. If you can afford it, buy a chandelier lamp that matches the country style.

Having the kitchen of your dreams is possible, especially if you use your imagination and plan ahead. Remember, all you need to create a French style kitchen is creativity, inspiration and vintage items. Do not let a small budget stop you and let your inner designer build a cozy beautiful kitchen for you and your family.