Eight Important Features That A Good Call Center Software Must Have

The proliferation of call centers and their growing popularity has led to a huge demand for call center software and such software is essential for every call center who wants to increase and maintain their profitability and productivity.

They allow one to manage interactions, reduce hold time, route calls immediately to ideal agents, provide detailed call reports and assist in customer communication. However, not all call center software is up to the mark. Here are some features which are a must in any outbound or inbound call center software.

1) Easy to understand navigable lay-out: Keeping in mind the requirements of call centers, various General User Interface (GUI) based software units are being developed to provide a unique platform for the user to carry on interactions with their callers without any interference . Moreover, GUI can also be used for the task of gathering and producing information.

Remember, whichever GUI software you prefer for your call center it must be clear and easy to read. It must help the users to easily understand its functionality. The GUI software should be such that a user must be able to navigate his way through the numerous processes without getting lost.

2) Callback function to keep the caller happy With call center software it is important to have call back function as it allows the caller, which call is not processed at the time of call, to instruct the system to establish the connection whenever the line is available. This is done by the system by retaining both the call and calling numbers, redialing the called number periodically and alerting the caller when the connection has been made. This way, the caller will not be disappointed.

3) Built in real time statistics In any contact centers, there are numerous data that need to be kept track off and the most challenging part is to use the data effectively. Call center software has built-in real time statistics that make it easy to establish communication with agents and executives instantly. Real time statistics built right into the software, helps the users to see and process the displayed data and make the correct decisions in real time.

4) Manage time with built-in IVR

A built-in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system greets caller and prompts them to enter inquires over their telephone keypad. It helps in providing the caller with a lot of information without burdening the call center agent and by reducing the time spent by the agent providing repetitive and standard details. It therefore helps by increasing the efficiency call agents. IVR is a must have software for any call center as it helps a call center agent to spend their time in a more productive way.

5) Improve communication with pop-up screens For incoming call software, a pop-up window is an essential. With a pop-up window, the call center agent will be able to see the caller's name, address, time of call, and other pertinent information on his / her screen. This feature helps in maintaining a database with various details about the caller and so it becomes easy to establish a good call agent and caller relationship.

6) Handling computer calls With various call center software, there are call routing solutions to help call agents handle calls more effectively. In the longer term, efficiently routing and handling customer phone calls, chats, e-mail, and other media boosts the call center's productivity. With call routing software, one gets valuable information related to a caller, like the time of call, duration of call, geographical location etc. This information helps to direct the caller to the agent who can help the caller best.

7) Quality monitoring capability As quality assurance is important for the success of any call center software, it is important for the call center software to be equipped with the capacity for real time monitoring. It will allow the supervisor to keep track of past records of the interactions between the call center agents and the callers to check on the performance quality of the agents.

8) Customizable elements The best way to judge the quality of any call center software is to review its customisable, flexible and scalable features. The more flexible is the software, the more it will suit the changing requirements of the call center company. With a feature enriched and easy-to-use call center software solution; there will be an increasing number of callers being handled which will greatly improve the productivity of a call center.