Denim And Diamonds – The Hottest Trend In Theme Parties

The hottest trend in party themes is the Denim and Diamonds Party. They can be as casual or as elegant as you would like depending upon the type of affair you are looking to host. This unique party theme makes for a great inclusive event where your guests can partake in the activities and theme by wearing appropriate attire. They can be used for informal gatherings for events such as birthdays, graduations or anniversary parties. This very popular theme also makes a great informal gala when you have many invitees and a more formal venue, but want to keep the attire and menu casual.

Themed party invitations will get your guests in the mood to participate in your theme long before your party begins. Invitations printed on denim look paper with rhinestone lettering or accents make perfect invitations. If you are making your own invitations, you can accessorize with some glitzy accents by visiting the scrap-booking section in your local craft store. Usually there are stuck on crystals in a host of shapes including stars. Whether you are hosting a denim and diamonds birthday party or a traditional fundraiser, don’t underestimate the importance of tying your invitations into your party theme to encourage your guests to attend and participate.

What should guests wear? Dress code is pretty simple. Ladies should wear something denim – jeans, skirt or jacket, and include a little sparkle. Blue sequin tanks or tops worn beneath the denim jacket makes a classic outfit paired with some designer look cowboy boots. Party attire may also include accessories like bejeweled bandanas or cowboy hat. Gentlemen can leave the sparkle to the gals, and simply wear a nice pair of boots, denim jeans and a long sleeve western shirt in the color and style of their choosing. Bolo ties can also be worn to promote the themed look for the gents.

Menus can vary at these western themed events depending upon how many attendees are expected. Most commonly, buffets are the serving style of choice. Hearty appetizers such as meatballs or chicken and pasta dishes are popular choices. Other more country-style food choices served at denim and diamond parties include: BBQ ribs, fried chicken tenders, 3-cheese macaroni and cheese, chicken and cheese quesadillas, chili and corn bread. Denim and diamond party affairs are typically not sit-down dinners and encourage noshing and socializing on the go.

Decorations are typically a mixture of sparkle and elegance with a country twist. Traditional table décor should include denim-like or traditional red and white checkered table coverings, paired with candles and glittery centerpieces. Toss a few diamond like crystals amongst the serving dishes on the buffet table and select paper napkins with a denim pattern. Large, diamond-shaped crystals can be found in most craft superstores. Finally, all of these parties should include festive hats (especially if this is for a new year’s celebration) that include glittery cowboy hats or bejeweled bandanas.

A denim and diamonds party theme is a perfect theme for a fundraiser event. Recently I attended just such a fundraiser event for Breast Cancer Research. The night was spectacular and the event was held at a classy estate in late October. Guests were drawn into the, welcomed by glowing pumpkins pierced with cylindrical holes that lined the driveway at dusk. The party was held in the estate’s carriage house and included live music, various auctions and a hot and cold buffet. The attire was denim and diamonds and attendees wore denim jeans, jackets and skirts, and added some ‘bling’ with sequined tops, bandanas, western jewelry and hats. Additional seating options included straw bales and table top decorations included cozy candles with sparkly centerpieces with fresh seasonal flowers. A basket auction was held to help raise money and invitees munched on hearty appetizers while they bid on baskets and prizes of their choice. Party prizes included donated items from event organizers as well as from corporate sponsors.

If your party is to be held in a smaller venue such as your home, hang a glitter ball to reflect light and add some genuine sparkle to your room. Use your imagination when it comes to games and decorations for your denim and diamonds theme. One thing is for sure, your guests will be relaxed and enjoy the evening with close friends and family members.