Techniques of Using Your Closet Space

Have you ever found that your closet in a mess? You reach for your suit, clothes pile on you. You open the closet door, you get avalanched. Clothes are not the only items in your closet that can create a disorganized mess. There are many more accessories that help to reach closet nirvana. Belts, shoes, jewelry can all add up to an overwhelming nightmare. How can you prevent this?

Do not be hasty. The best way to organize a closet is to stop, think, and create a system. Simply folding your clothes and finding some place for them may clutter your closet instead of organizing your closet. Illustrated below are common techniques for using your closet storage space. Consider these techniques and use a combination of well-coordinated techniques. I am sure you will think out a closet organization system which would keep your things in order and save you unimagined space.

The first technique you can choose is space bags. Space bags can help you to conserve space in your suitcases. A space bag can reduce the volume of many of your bulky items, like blankets, winter coats and pillows. Just put items in the bag and squeeze out the air. All the unseen space between the folds will be eliminated. It will save you precious space and keep your items safe from mold and mildew until you need it again.

Secondly, closet shelving may be of great help. There are several personal items such as clothing that will work best on shelving. Shelving will allow for easier access, both in an out of your closet. Be aware, you should make it for your convenience. Otherwise, you will be back where you have started and your closet will be in a mess. Closet shelving is a respectable way to store many items, including clothes. The point is to save space and prevent any future clutter.

Thirdly, make use of hangers. Clothes hanging will help to save the space and get your closet organized. Use your imagination and make the fullest use of hangers, such as wooden hangers, plastic hangers. When you use creative hangers, you can sometimes double or even triple your useful space. For example, tiered hangers that let you stack clothes conveniently. If you are keeping things in a pile on the floor, consider tiered hangers and other hangers. You will be surprised.

Do not forget baskets and drawers. Often the untapped resource in closet organization is baskets and drawers. All of us have enough personal items for a small dresser and closer drawers. Clear baskets and drawers are of significant help for small item storage such as belt and jewelry. Baskets are an inspired storage solution that will collect your small items and organize your closet. They will streamline your shelves and liberate your floor space. If you have a ton of shoes and actually, most of us do, these drawers can be a good way to store your shoes, making your shoes accessible without leaving them on the floor, and will help you keep your pairs together.