Tips for Buying Ballroom Dance Shoes

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Over the past few years, ballroom dancing has unexpectedly gained popularity among men, women, and children. Whether you are competitive or dancing for fun, if you are serious about ballroom dancing, wearing the right shoe is very important. There are shoes made for just about every sport and dancing is no different. The right dance shoe will help with performance as well as protect you from injury. When buying dance shoes, consider the style, material, and fit.

Ballroom dance shoe styles are available for Salsa, Swing, Tango, Latin and many other dancers. Sometimes the only difference you will be able to see is the heel height. Because you want to be able to easily twist, turn and pivot on the dance floor, you do not want a shoe with a rubber sole. Rubber sole shoes not only make it more difficult to move, you risk injury to your knees should your shoe stick to the floor when you are trying to turn.

Leather sole shoes will work well, but better dance shoes made specifically for ballroom dancing will have a soft suede sole that makes it easy to move without being slippery. Additional features to look for in a ballroom dance shoe are weight and support. Ballroom dance shoes are surprisingly light weight. Even with a recommended steel shank running from the center to the heel, dance shoes will weigh just a few ounces, perhaps even less than one ounce. The steel shank added for support is especially important in women's high-heeled dance shoes. You will also want to make sure the shoes you select have built in cushioning for comfort.

How the dance shoe fits your foot is also important. A shoe that is loose on your foot will allow your foot to move around inside which can cause blisters as well as the possibility of turning your foot and spraining your ankle. Some people choose a shoe that is a one-half to one size smaller than they normally wear in a street shoe to ensure a snug fit. Lastly, choose a heel height and style design that is comfortable for you. Until you are comfortable on the dance floor, a lower heel may be a better choice.

Prices for dance shoes will run from about $ 110 on the low end to as much as $ 140- $ 150 a pair. You can find discount dance shoes for less, often ranging from $ 60- $ 85 per pair. While pricey, ballroom dance shoes should give you many years of dancing enjoyment in comfort.