The Hottest Laptop in the World?

Aliemware besides because they are overpriced, overheating and look like plastic tatt, the QOSMIO-X505-Q898 from TOSHIBA, I think, is a bit special. It clearly is going to be a laptop considered by many different types of user. But who is going to benefit the most from this offering from TOSHIBA?
* It is for the buyer who demands significant size but with equally significant good looks
* For the buyer who wants to play games at a reasonable performance level
* For someone looking to create their own media files like, video or music
* For someone who needs good computing power.

Read about the Qosmios power and gaming prowess.

The Geforce GTX 460m from nvidia

A big part of the reason that the toshiba Qosmio-X505-Q898 gets a Gamer raing of 96.489% is the technical specs of the nvidia Geforce GTX 460m. It has 1536 MB of video memory dedicated to handling graphics. This leaves the 6 GB of ddr3 system memory free for other tasks which as well as being of obvious benefit for everyday tasks also enhances the performance of games by increasing the memory available for other demanding aspects of games like artificial intelligence, to mention just one. SO in its price range the Qosmio is as good as you can get.

Where the toshiba gets its power

The Intel i7 740qm is a 4 core processor. This is a bit like having 4 processors except that the capability of all 4 is built into one unit. Add to this the fact this CPU has Intel Hyperthreading Technology that makes each core behave like two virtual cores, then effectively you have 8seperate processors / cores. Multiply that by the 2930 speed and you have a significant performance. In reality all the cores have to share resources that they would not have to if they where honestly separate, so it is not going to actually give8 x performance. But it is still a formidable specification.

The technical specifications

This is one of the most exciting additions to the laptop market in a long time. It comes with loads of extras as well. Blu-ray writer / player. Twin super-fast SSD-SATA hard drives. I love it and I would share it.