Laptops Vs Desktops – What Everyone Should Know

OK so the question has been set:

Laptops vs Desktops. I'm not here to sell you either so i have no vested interest. If your interested in this question then read on as i've listed the basic pro's and cons with a little opinion at the bottom.

The basic pro and cons: Laptop Pros (3) 1 – Portable 2 – Relatively cheap when compared completely (include the screen, keyboard etc) 3 – Built in battery – (ever had a power cut and lost some work?)

Laptop Cons (5) 1 – Small screen 2 – Uncomfortable for long periods of work without desktop keyboard and screen (suddenly not so portable) 3 – Can be expensive / impossible to repair They much slower and do not work well when filled up with data. 5 – Laptop processors at the same Ghz (measure of speed on chips) do not perform the same (30% more in favor of the desktop).

Desktop Pros (5) 1 – Powerful 2 – Easy to upgrade 3 – Easy to repair 4 – Desktops last longer (they do not break as easily as laptops) 5 – If you need lots of power the desktops are significantly cheaper.

Desktop Cons (2) 1. Not portable (try carrying one of these to work and back everyday). 2 – No built in battery (external batteries called UPS can be purchased as an extra).

Final Point Score:

Desktop Pros / Cons: 5/2 Laptop Pros / Cons :: 3/5

Conclusion: Desktops win convincingly! If your planning to buy a computer and your planning to leave it on a dedicated table then you should definitely buy a desktop. Its cheaper more powerful, easy to upgrade etc.

If you really need to move with your computer then you have no choice but to go with a laptop. (Do ask if you really need to move with it – not the old fantasy of "I'm going to work in the garden with my laptop – its just not going to happen; glare on screen when its sunny and sparks from your laptop when it rains, bad wifi connecting, battery running out, etc).

Example: 3Ghz desktop chip vs a 3Ghz laptop chip The laptop chip is approximately 30% slower (this is due to a number of factors – heat, voltage and general punching power – ghz are about speed but just because a boxer punches 3000 times does not ' t make him a powerful boxer as a boxer who weighs twice as much can punch 2000 times and produce more power than the boxer who punches faster – Speed ​​X Weight = Power