Are Wooden and Leather Jewelry Boxes Comparable?

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Jewelry boxes are the chests that hold your treasures, and as such, you want to make sure that you get the one that will satisfy you with a lifetime of service. You need to carefully consider what you want and what product best provides that. When it comes to choosing between the two most widespread construction designs in jewelry boxes to day, it is important to know the facts.

Wooden jewelry boxes, though considered “the” traditional box style, have hundreds, if not thousands of different designs, each with their own character. The strength and easy manufacture of wood makes it the perfect material to craft drawers, doors, and lids, and is also sturdy enough to allow the use of various hooks, hangers, and other accessories to be utilized to adapt to your jewelry storage or display desires.

Leather jewelry boxes are however, easily carried from place to place, and are even frequently used to hold jewelry and other personal items on vacations and other excursions. Perfect for the home, these beautifully made, soft jewel cases are great for travel situations due to their light weight, easy clean surface, and commonly simple yet flexible design.

Everything from intricate Celtic knots to simple unfinished rosewood has been used to show off the many qualities of the craft materials of wooden jewelry boxes. While it is bulkier and heavier that leather, it is this mass and strength that makes wooden jewelry boxes the type of accessory storage solution that can be found in almost any home and in almost every configuration thinkable.

Leather, as opposed to wood, has its own sets of strengths and weaknesses. It is lighter and its surfaces are easier to maintain, and its sleek look fits in with any decor, but leather itself can tear or rip, making it a less likely solution to long term home jewelry care and protection especially if exposed to the rigors of travel.

Leather and wooden jewelry boxes can only be measured on their own merits alone, as the two styles have very similar uses, but very different ways of taking advantage of their best characteristics. If you travel, and need your jewelry to go with you, then I would suggest a leather jewelry box. If you rarely travel, and are looking for a long term, even permanent storage and care solution for your personal accessory items, the wood would be the more traditional and expandable route.

If you are like most people, you may find yourself caught in between, as both have definite advantages and disadvantages. Not only that, I am sure that you need a long term solution, but will take at least on more vacation or short trip away from your current home. No one says you can’t have both.