Tips on Making a Wire Loop For Jewelry

It’s a lot of fun to make jewelry! It’s not only a hobby but also a form of therapy as well and you can really profit from it if you are good at it. I happened to see my friend wearing elegant and unique pieces of jewelry and I got much interested in it. I was amazed when she told me she made those. So I was under the impression that it is pretty simple to make jewelry. I really messed up!

When I first began I found that it was very daunting. In my experience, there have been retailers who give basic jewelry making lessons for free if a customer bought more than $20 of beads and jewelry making tools. Since this was a quick lesson and the teacher attempted to teach me too much at the same time, the first time I tried to create jewelry was not too good. I just thought that it could be dumped in my drawer or given away to some one. However when I saw everything I purchased and there was $28.00 written on the receipt, at the age off 44 I decided to give it another go. I did a lot more research in preparation this time, such as reading books and magazine articles and enrolling in a basic jewelry-making course. The lesson turned out to be valuable in the end.

When I was starting I found it necessary to master the basic loop, but at the time it did not find it to be so very basic. So here’s a list of the things you need and a step by step instructions on how to do it.

What you will need is a pair of round nose pliers, a flush cutter, a marking pen and the jewelry wire.

To begin it would be a good idea to mark the round nose pliers a distance of about half a centimetre from the end of the nose. This will help you to ensure your loops are consistent. Use the flush cutter to trim the end of the wire. Then take hold of the wire with the round nose pliers, placing the edge on the marked area – make sure that it’s the edge.

If you see part of the wire hanging over then you would be making a “P-loop”. So to make a completely round loop, make sure you just barely feel the edge of the wire. Take your thumb and move the wire around slowly with the nose pliers, using the marked section to guide you. Move the wire closer to the tip of the nose pliers. Use your point finger this time to push in the opposite direction the part of the wire that is hanging. The correct directions are to push the wire counter-clockwise if you rolled it clockwise. This gives a professional look to creating a perfect loop.

To ensure your jewelry looks professional and neat, you must master the basic loop. It takes practice to get a perfectly round loop, but it’s well worth the effort.