How a Biomass Energy Company Can Help You Comply With the Industrial Boiler MACT Rule

If you own facilities that create biomass electricity, then you have likely sought the help of a biomass energy company in the past. And as a result, you are likely enjoying many biomass advantages such as:

• Repurposing waste byproducts.

• Recycling carbon dioxide.

• Enjoying the positive image of a “green” company.

• And much more.

However, some things are about to happen that may greatly affect your business. The Environmental Protection Agency is in the process of reworking their Industrial Boiler MACT Rule. As a result, you may need to contact a biomass energy company once again. That’s because the rule, while still being edited and added to, will impact current emissions regulations. With that in mind, your facilities may have to undergo changes to meet the criteria set by the Boiler MACT Rule.

The Boiler MACT Rule

While it’s difficult to determine the exact details of the rule, this much is certain: the Industrial Boiler MACT Rule will apply to any company who houses a boiler or process heater that can be found at any stationary source that can produce a minimum of 10 tons per year of one HAP. This also applies to systems which emit 25 tons per year of any and all HAP combinations. The rule requires that each boiler:

• meet operating limits.

• meet emission limits.

• meet work practice standards.

It will also require that the boiler can demonstrate compliance on a yearly basis. This means that if you use a boiler to create biomass electricity, you must maintain it so that it continues to meet all regulations on a continual basis. And while this may seem difficult, luckily a biomass energy company can help you do just that.

The Uncertainties

The above information sums up what is known about the rule at this time. In addition, it’s safe to say that the rule will affect most anyone involved with producing biomass electricity, wood and pulp engineering, or any other industry that uses boilers. However there are many unknowns still associated with the rule. This is due to the fact that lots of interest groups are currently reviewing it. These groups include the EPA itself, as well as Congress and the Washington DC District Court. For that reason, it’s currently difficult for anyone to determine exactly how strict the new regulations will be, as well as the exact details involved.

Find a biomass energy company

One thing is for certain, you will benefit greatly from contacting a biomass energy company as soon as you can. Once the final version of the Boiler MACT Rule is passed, biomass electricity creators as well as many other similar industries will be scrambling to find help to meet new standards. Resources will surely become limited. With that in mind, your best course of action would be to find a biomass energy company now who specializes in implementing systems for pollution and emission control.

Where do you look? Begin your search on the web. Type “biomass energy company” into Google and start searching. Look for a company who has been dealing with biomass for many years-decades if possible. But whatever you do, call as soon as possible. You will only have three years to meet the standards of the new rule.