Shoe Lexicon – Part 2

Are the ever increasing number of shoe styles getting you confused? Ever asked for a pair of pumps and was met by "What kind of pumps?" Do you just call everything shoes when shopping to avoid getting too specific? This is the second part of my Shoe Lexicon series. Enjoy.

Mary Jane Pumps. This style is often characterized by straps that cut across the upper part of the foot and locked by buckle enclosures. Mary Jane pumps just take you back to your childhood, especially for girls who's probably worn one as their school shoes. Mary Jane pumps have also found their way into pop culture history through movies like Clueless and referenced in television shows like Sex and the City.

Tips When Wearing Mary Jane Pumps.

  • Do not overdo it. When you're wearing Mary Jane pumps it's fine to keep it youthful but avoid making it look too costumey.

Oxford Heels. Oxford heels can be best described as a kind of mix between broken shoes and pumps with the vamp of the shoe taking on the look of brogues. The resulting hybrid of these two styles almost always make Oxford boots look like ankle boots. Although brogues and pumps are often used in formal occasions separately their combination – Oxford heels – have something a more natural nature to them.

Tips When Wearing Oxford Heels.

  • Consider hosiery. Go all out Oxford and become a proper English lady by wearing hosiery with your Oxford heels . Try the classic thick black leggings under a skirt look for a Gossip Girl kind of look or the more hipster flipped knee-high socks with shorts look.

Wedge Sandals. Most of the times wedge sandals or wedge heels are simply referred to as wedges. This type of shoe is a favorite among those who want the height that killer high heels provide, but not the strain it has on one's leg. Although the "comfort" it gives is slightly debatable, just think about it this way, compared to wearing stilettos at least all your weight is not concentrated on an area less than half an inch in diameter.

Tips When Wearing Wedges.

  • Keep it relaxed. I personally think that wedge sandals have that more casual quality to them than say stilettos or pumps. This could be because it was big in the most relaxed of eras like the 70s or that it's mostly used during the summer to complement dresses. But because I'm a huge fan of the 70s silhouette, I always tend to pair this with wide-leg trousers, tank top and a kimono style cardigan.