Convert Your Hobby Into A Profitable Home Based Business

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Financial independence. A dream of almost everyone, can be yours and your hobby could well be the key to getting rid of the old JOB and being your own boss.

A persons hobby can provide much joy, relaxation, and entertainment; why not financial reward as well. If your hobby is also a home based business it could provide financial security for your family as a little extra icing on the cake.

Imagine this, your favorite hobby is making someone rich over the internet. In this age, information reigns supreme and those that can provide it are the kings and queens. Why not move up to the rank of information royalty and let your hobby make you a financial king also. The internet and the number of internet users is growing fast and there is plenty of room for you.

The US boasts over 100 million active internet users and over 165 million people with access to the internet. Worldwide there are in excess of 450 million internet users and over half of them regularly taking a trip on the information highway.

Information Highway surfers search for information on every subject imaginable. You might think that your hobby is unique and no one else is interested in it or that you could not make money from it. WRONG! As the Scriptures say "there is nothing new under the sun". If it interests you, it will interest someone else also.

So you see, if you have a hobby, you have knowledge and expertise about that hobby and people want that information and WILL PAY TO GET IT. All you have to do is put that knowledge and information into some sort of information product and then sell it over the internet. There are various formats to choose for your information, but right now, the most popular are eBooks and Video.

I'd like to write an ebook but I just do not have the skills, you might be thinking. So lets get some help with that little problem. You could go to the internet and search for Ghostwriters, but you might get a pig in a poke so to speak. Instead, go to one of those sites where experts offer their services in a bidding environment. My favorites are and (by the way, they offer assistance with writing your request job offer as well as evaluating and picking a service provider). Here is a tip that will help you get across what you want: make an audio recording of your experiences on one of those inexpensive little digital recorders which allow you to upload the recording to you computer and then provide that recording to your selected ghostwriter. That way you do not have to be skillful in writing and sometimes it is much easier and flows better when you just speak what you want rather than trying to write it down.

That sounds like a lot of trouble, you say. Well, there is a learning curve and it takes some time. However, there is a simpler and quicker way for your hobby to earn for you over the internet. There are probably other hobby enthusiasts that are already selling some information about your hobby via the internet. Find out who they are and become a sales affiliate for them. As their affiliate, if you bring them a buyer, they pay you a commission which can be as high as 75% of the sales price. Now for a $ 100 product, that's groovy; you did not develop it or deal with ghostwriters, etc. but still made $ 75. Can life be any sweeter? If you use this approach, I suggest you do not promote a product that pays less than 35%.

Promoting a product, about which you know a lot, is not a difficult thing to do. You do not have to have a degree in marketing to do it. You capitalize on your exert knowledge about the subject, in this case, your hobby. Just search the internet for blogs and forums where other hobbiest are talking about your hobby and post your own revel comments. With your comment, you will include a link which contains your affiliate id. When someone likes your comment and wants to know more, they will click the link and go to the product site. If they buy, you get paid. Not that hard at all. People are learning a full time income doing just what I have explained.

Well, this article is getting to long and I have not given you many details on how to do all these things. I will make some additional posts later. Let me just say this in closing: there are many, many people making $ 3,000, $ 5,000, $ 10,000 and even as high as $ 25,000 per month promoting other peoples products as affiliates over the internet.