Where is the Female G-spot?

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Finding the g-spot can be a fun and wonderful pleasure-filled activity for you and your partner. Once you find it, you can experiment with it, just like you did when you first started to masturbate, until it feels really good.

When you first start to stimulate it, it can make you have to pee, it can go numb, and it can also start to hurt. All of these experiences are normal.

First you will want to find the g-spot by yourself. To do this either lay down or squat on your bed / couch and insert one or two fingers into your vagina. The g-spot will be on the frontal vaginal wall (closest to your belly button) about 1-2 inches in.

It will feel different than anywhere else, like the roof of your mouth, and once you have found it then you can start to rub it. Remember, any of the above mentioned feelings or sensations are completely normal.

When you have these feelings, just move onto something else, like clitoral stimulation or whatever until the feeling stops.

Once you have found it, it may be hard to stimulate it correctly with your fingers, so it may be useful to have a toy that is designed to stimulate the g-spot. These are relatively inexpensive and work amazingly!

Have fun in exploring your g-spot by experimenting with different toys, motors, depths, and speeds. When you find what really works for you, your orgasms can last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour!

After you have mastered your g-spot, bring your partner into the mix. Show him how to stimulate it with his fingers, the toys, and how to incorporate it into oral sex. There are also various sexual positions that hit the g-spot during sex, such as doggie style and when the girl is on top.

The location of the g-spot is not hard to find, but spending the time figuring out what you like may be, but it is worth it!

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