Feminization Hypnosis – Changing a Man Into a Woman

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When a man feels like he’s a woman, he can feel trapped. When a man wants to be like a woman, he can find it hard. When a man does his best, and ends up looking and behaving like a man instead of a woman, it can be disappointing.

All walks of society have men who are keen to feel and act like women. This is not necessarily a sexual thing, though it can be. These men can find it simple to dress up as women; with makeup, women’s clothes and false bras, amazing things can be done.

Of course, some men go to the ultimate step of surgery and hormone treatment. They literally become women, to the extent that today’s technology allows.

However, even with surgery, a man still needs to “unlearn” his manly behavior and learn new womanly behavior. How is a man to achieve such a daunting task? And can he learn to do it as naturally and effortlessly as a woman does it?

The answer to the last question is, “Yes, it can be done.” If a man watches and listens carefully to women, noticing the finest nuances, he will learn many things. His subconscious mind also learns and takes note. The man practices and practices, maybe in front of the mirror and in front of trusted friends.

It takes time, but it will be worth it in the end.

Now, how can such a man speed up the process and make it more thorough? If his subconscious mind notices things that he consciously does not, how can he get himself to use those mannerisms too?

The answer to all those questions is to get the subconscious to create the behaviors. We all know many things that we do automatically without thinking; some people have a bad habit that they don’t even realize until someone points it out to them. This is the power of the subconscious — to generate these behaviors and mannerisms completely automatically.

The only known reliable way to achieve this in a short time is through hypnosis. Although feminization hypnosis can’t actually get a man to grow breasts or lose his facial hair, it certainly can help him learn new ways of talking, walking and behaving in a much shorter time. It can also make him more womanly (or even “girly”, if he chooses) than he would have without it.

Feminization hypnosis takes a man into a hypnotic trance, and works directly with his subconscious to incorporate new feelings, new behaviors and new ways of talking. It can be used for men who want to change themselves permanently, or for men who want to be feminine only part of each day or week.