Gas Saving and Your Vehicle's Transmission

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Over the years, many people have noticed that manual transmissions are more efficient than automatic ones. That said, vehicles with automatic transmissions tend to be more popular because it takes less work to operate them. On the other hand, cars with a manual transmission tend to be cheaper, as well as have some other advantages.

Manual Transmission benefits

Even though shifting gears can be annoying when you are driving in the city, it can help you save gas. In particular, if you have a manual transmission with five gears, you will be able to control the downshift gear better than a vehicle with an automatic transmission. As may be expected, when you are in control of the clutch and gear, you can find other places and ways to save gas. That said, before using these methods, it is always best to consider your safety.

Manual transmission disadvantages

One of the hardest parts of driving a vehicle with a manual transmission is learning how to match the accelerator to the clutch in first gear. While your main problems with stalling will occur getting into first gear, it is also the time when your vehicle can slip backwards. Therefore, if you have not driven a car with a manual transmission, it is important to make sure you know when the clutch is engaged, so that you do not hang out, or slip backwards.

Aside from this, you will always need to have a good sense of what gear you are in, the speed you are currently driving at, and whether you are in the process of accelerating or decelerating. If you can not hear the difference in engine sounds during these processes, you may create all kinds of transmission problems. Among other things, over driving the gears, or downshifting too soon can burn up the clutch. On the other hand, if you upshift too quickly, the transmission may cause the engine to choke, or even stall out altogether.

Automatic transmission compromises

In some cases, you can locate vehicles that have more fuel efficient automatic transmissions. For the most part, they will attain almost the same level of fuel economy as a car with a manual transmission. Typically, they utilize a different axle and clutch design that enables them to mimic the best features of a manual. At the same time, you will not need to worry about shifting gears or having your car slip backwards. That said, you will find that cars with this type of automatic transmission are somewhat expensive.

Without a question, if you are looking for a low cost, fuel efficient car, one with a manual transmission suits both needs. On the other hand, you will need to make sure that you are comfortable with shifting gears, and paying attention to the mechanical aspects of propulsion. As may be expected, if you are already the type of driver that gets distracted easily, it may be best to look for a vehicle with a modified automatic transmission instead.