Horse Jewelry

Dan Fogelberg's "Run For The Roses" speaks of our love for horses; our enchantment of a graceful warrior and trusted friend to man. As the Western theme starts to reappear in clothing, and boot cut jeans become a preferred style, horse themes are taking their prominent place once again. From artwork on T Shirts and air brushed designer jackets, to horse jewelry in a shining sterling silver finish, adorned with rhinestones and turquoise, or the more stoic leather and stainless steel – equine shapes are everywhere.

Who can deny our admiration of a beautiful stallion, his mane glistening, tossing in the springtime breeze, as his soulful equestrian eyes search for a friend. This graceful animal, raises it's head along its beautiful and muscular lines, to proudly proclaim it's graces, its strength and its confidence.

Merchants across the country have taken notice of this increased interest interest. Retailers are seeking to add items to their shops, while others add a wholesale horse jewelry category to help fill displays at local shops. From the simple to the elite, inexpensive to quite a bit, the variety keeps expanding as the demand grows. It seems like the fascination and adoration for these majestic creatures is growing daily.

Horse jewelry allows us to keep our love for these incredible animals in our minds and close to our hearts. Distributors are beginning to pick up on this trend, and adding wholesale horse jewelry to their collection of offers. From the lovely and steadfast palomino, to the sturdy strength of a thoroughbred, horses elegantly represent an ability for us to live and move forward, to work hard and make our dreams happen. As many of us are facing questions on how best to move forward, possibly seeking the comfort and joy of watching one of these beautiful creatures may give us an insight on our own path that lies ahead – as we pursue our own "Run for the Roses . "