Bootmgr Windows 7 Fix – Learn an Easy Fix For Bootmgr Missing in Windows 7

What exactly is bootmgr Windows 7 error? Have you recently been a victim of this nuisance? The error occurs at the time when you start your computer and every time you try to reboot Windows 7 your display screen turns black and shows a message that 'bootmgr is missing in Windows 7'? The problem gets worse when you have not created the backup and you are not able to boot your computer in any way possible.

In such a situation one waits for some miracle to happen which never happens as you have to do something yourself to fix any problem encountered by you. The same is the case with this problem. In this articles you will find tips and guidelines which can be helpful to prevent it.

I would not waste much of your time in discussing agonies only. Rather, here, I will share the solution to the problem. I hope you will be successful in fixing the bootmgr.Windows 7 problem.

Here are the things outlined which you need to do to achieve this goal and bring your system back to normal working condition:

* Fetch your copy / DVD of Windows 7 if you have put it in some deep vault. From today learn to keep important things at safe place where you could find them easily and instantly. You need to have the original Windows 7 DVD in order to find an effective solution.

* Insert the disk into your PC DVD ROM and then restart your computer manually.

* While you have performed the above task you will see the notifications about 'Knowing Windows 7' and 'Repairing Windows 7'. You have to fix the second option in order to proceed with the desired fix for bootmgr missing in Windows 7. Repairing the corruption in your operating system is easy if you have the genuine copy of Windows 7 DVD or CD.

* This option will let the operating system find the installation information stored inside your computer system.

* Meanwhile you will see the recovery options and from where you will select the start up repair option to fix bootmgr.Windows 7 error.

* After opting for this option the wizard will perform its function and subsequently ask you to reboot Windows 7.

* Also try to update BIOS because the outdated BIOS information can cause "bootmgr missing in Windows 7" error.

It is always recommended to keep computer clean from internal errors. Occasional performing tasks such as cleaning system junk, cleaning Windows registry and optimizing computer services you can avoid such errors to occur in future.