Buying Wholesale Jewelry Online – Using Online Forums to Find the Best Wholesale Jewelry Sources

Entrepreneurs looking for jewelry, bulk wholesalers and importers have a variety of methods for tracking down such suppliers, often from search engine results and directories. While both of these methods produce lists of suppliers quickly, one of the best places to look for good sources remains in the on-line forums. Here I discuss how to use forums to find and evaluate import and wholesale jewelry suppliers.

Using Forums to Find Potential Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers

Viewing forums is one of the most time-consuming methods, yet it's one of the best ways to unforgettable reliable and established sources of import and wholesale jewelry. Many forums are full of great advice on new products and excellent suppliers. By learning from other members about good sources that they've used, you'll find tried and tested wholesale jewelry suppliers. Start your search in specific forums that refer to jewelry, wholesaling, importing, or some combination of the three. This targeted search allows you to interact with people of similar interests whom can pass on valuable knowledge. The only caveat, however, is if a wholesale jewelry supplier is indeed a good source; some people who currently use them may be related to disclose this information. Thus, simply asking for sources may not get you the best answers, which leads us to the next strategy for using forums.

Using Forums to Evaluate the Suppliers you have found

A better strategy is to take a list of sources that you've narrowed down to a few you think are good, then ask others if they've heard of them, tried them, or have any experience with them. Forums are full of experienced peppers that are more than happy to help you out. They all know what it's like to struggle in business, and are usually willing to lend a hand to a fellow business person.

Using forums is only one step in researching new suppliers of import and wholesale jewelry. You should also use search engines, directories, word of mouth, telephone calls, and any other means to gather information. "Due diligence" and evaluation is critical for every supplier you are considering.